Leon Camier Wilbers Bike VMtek.ie

Suspension Set-Up  €50 Email us and arrage to call on a Saturday for Setup

This service involves us having a chat with you as to your bikes usage. (ie. Touring, Touring with a pillion, One up fast blasts during the summer etc.) We take into account your weight and the percentage of time you carry a pillion. Adjustments are then made to your standard suspension to find the best set-up for your individual needs. We also make recommendations based on our findings. These include replacing your Shock springs and or your Fork springs to a spring rate matched to your weight and usage. Your shock and forks may be tired and worn requiring an oil change and rebuild.

Shock & Fork Service

During a service, the forks and shocks are disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for wear. Worn Seals and Guide Bushings are replaced. Fork stanchions are polished to remove any imperfections which could damage the new oil seals. Stanchions are replaced when beyond repair. We then refill the forks and shock with a High quality fork oil. The shocks are also refilled with Nitrogen and sealed. Springs are replaced where necessary with fresh ones where the rate is matched to your weight. Please power wash all offroad Suspensions before shipping or dropping them to us.