632/632TS(Twin Shock) Competition 36mm

The 632 Competition is a slim and flexible mono-shock ideal for vehicles which are, due to their construction, unable to carry a reservoir of a bigger diameter.

The top of the shock is made of milled-cast serving as a connection to the piggyback reservoir. At the same time it includes the adjustment screws for low-speed and high-speed compression. Both, low-speed and high-speed settings can be separately modified by 22 clicks.

At maximum compression speed, a safety valve prevents the shock from hydraulic blocking and uncontrolled jolts from affecting the suspension system. Again you can adjust the rebound through an open bleed mechanism by 22 clicks for a perfectly tuned suspension. The complete shock absorber is machined from 7075 aluminium normally used in airplane construction. The spring preload is continuously adjustable.

It is also available as the 632TS(Twin Shock) Competition Model.


632 Competition 36mm
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