631/631TS(Twin Shock) Competition 36mm

This custom-made 36mm shock is ideal for motorcycles with a lack of space.

Since the hose line is flexible the mounting of the remote reservoir could be in a variety of positions, for example at the back of the rear frame where airflow provides extra cooling. Made of high-quality aluminium the reservoir carries the settings for low-speed and high-speed compression adjustment. 22 clicks for low-speed and 22 for high-speed allow optimal fine tuning without compromises.

At maximum compression speed, a safety valve prevents the shock from blocking hydraulically avoiding uncontrolled jolts to damage the suspension system. Naturally the preload is variably adjustable and the rebound can be adjusted externally over 22 clicks through the open bleed system.

It is also available as the 631TS(Twin Shock) Competition Model.


631 Competition 36mm
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