641 Suzuki TL1000 S/R incl. Kit.

Suzuki invented a clever rear-wheel suspension system for their two cylinder Sport-models TL 1000 S and R.

The invention was that the swing arm affects a spring-element while a separated rotary wing damper provides additional damping to the system. The disadvantage of this system is the location of the wing damper behind the engine which is constantly heating up the damping oil, decreasing damping and handling.

Wilbers started troubleshooting and the solution soon became obvious: we refitted the Suzuki with a new Wilbers suspension element with auxiliary spring. Because the spring of the “S”-class is functional it had not to be changed. The opposite is true with the “R”-version, whose modified system is a progress to the “S”-class system still without reaching sporty demands. We developed a special shock absorber for the “R”-model. The original spring and damping elements have to be exchanged.

The results for both classes: Constant damping and more adjustments. Another side effect is that the annoying headshaking is clearly reduced.


641 Suzuki TL1000
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