Fork / Shock Springs

All bikes come with a standard set of springs on the shock and in the forks. This is great if you fall into what the manufacturer classes as a standard rider! How much does the average Japanese or German rider weigh? When your springs are too soft for your weight your suspension will have the tendency to bottom out on bumps and give a generally uncontrolled ride. Springs that are too stiff will not use enough of their travel and therefore give a hard and uncomfortable ride.

We at Vmtek.ie can offer you a range of springs from Wilbers.

Wilbers Promoto Progressive Springs:

Progressive Springs can handle uneven road surfaces as well as deep potholes and severe braking. This is as a direct result of Wilbers development and testing. Wilbers test all their products on both road and track. These provide the necessary conditions for creating the ideal progressive fork spring. Products are brought to market only when the skilled test riders are fully satisfied. Wilbers progressive fork springs are resistant to fade. They have a lifetime guarantee! When coupled with quality fork oil and a precise air gap, they provide an unforgettable riding experience.


Eibach Motocross Springs:

Is your Motocrosser sprung for your weight??

Eibach manufacture replacement springs for Original Motocross shocks and forks. Manufactured from chrom-silizium, they are very hard wearing. We at Vmtek.ie  will provide you with a matched set of fork and shock springs suitable for your weight. This enables your suspension to function properly and use the correct amount of travel.


Wilbers Linear Fork Springs:

Linear fork springs are the alternative to progressive springs which are ideal for road use. However on the track simplicity is of the essence. Linear springs are simple by design and therefore simpler to adjust. They are not as versatile as Progressive springs but as race tracks are generally smooth, they don’t need to be. At Wilbers even linear springs are machined from chrome-silicon-steel and carry a lifetime guarantee.