Ride Height Adjust

Motorcycle seating heights have been increased over the last 25 years!

In 1985 the seat height of an average bike was 750-800 mm. Today it is more likely to measure 800-850 mm. There are many reasons for this, from Underseat exhaust systems to a demand for greater cornering lean angles.

These are all valid reasons but useless if you cant get your leg over the bike. We at Vmtek offer two different lowering solutions. Bikes can be lowered by up to 100mm.

Your whole riding experience and confidence levels can be transformed by having a tailor made ride height. For example, with an 85mm lowering kit a rider of 5’3’’ on a BMW R 1200 GS can at last touch the ground at traffic lights (with both feet!).

VMtek offers you two different lowering solutions:

The inexpensive option from Promoto:

Lowering (or Raising) is achieved by modifying the shock linkage. Different length dog-leg links, or modified shock absorber mounts lowers the rear of your bike. It may also be possible to lower the front end by sliding your forks through the triple Clamps.

The best option from Wilbers:

Bikes can be lowered by up to 100 mm by using custom built suspension units at the rear. The original Forks can also be shortened by up to 100mm.

Just give us a call or send an email to info@vmtek.ie.  We will be glad to give you full details on the lowering options available for your bike.
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